“Pillikud, with its deep Estonian roots, makes you dance and sing and hum the played melodies for days..”

The group Pillikud’s vision is to give people an idea, that folk music is not only something what your grandfather plays next to bonfire. Folk music can be performed with different instruments, amazing arrangements and with mind blowing solos.
All of the musicians in Pillikud have a background in either jazz or classical music, some of them also in folk music. They try to spice up the traditional folk music with their knowledge from different genres of music.

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Pillikud is:
Marianne Leibur - violin, vocals
Jana Kütt - vocals
Ann Mäekivi - violin, vocals
Kristjan-Robert Rebane - bass guitar, accordion, vobals
Tobias Tammearu - saxophones, vocals
Karl Madis Pennar - el. guitar, ac. guitar, vocals
Jan Kulbin - drums, vocals